Enabling the Future Internet for Smart Cities

Enabling the Future Internet for Smart Cities

The Future Internet will integrate large-scale systems constructed from the composition of thousands of distributed services, while interacting directly with the physical world via sensors and actuators, which compose the Internet of Things.

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Recent Publications

Proactive Virtual Machine Migration in Fog Environments.

IEEE Symposium on Computers and Communications (ISCC 2018). Diogo Gonçalves, Karima Velasquez, Marilia Curado, Luiz Bittencourt and Edmundo Madeira, 2018.

An Adaptive Real-Time Architecture for Zero-Day Threat Detection.

International Conference on Communications - ICC 2018. Antonio Gonzalez Pastana Lobato, Martin Andreoni Lopez, Igor Jochem Sanz, Alvaro A. Cardenas, Otto Carlos Muniz Bandeira Duarte, Guy Pujolle, 2018.

Analyzing Urban Mobility Carbon Footprint with Large-scale, Agent-based Simulation.

7th International Conference on Smart Cities and Green ICT Systems. Eduardo Felipe Zambom Santana, Lucas Kanashiro, Diego Bogado Tomasiello, Fabio Kon and Mariana Gianotti, 2018.

Optimal Placement of Virtualized BBU Processing in Hybrid Cloud-Fog RAN over TWDM-PON.

Accepted for publication in IEEE Global Communications Conference (GLOBECOM). Rodrigo Izidoro Tinini, Larissa C. M. Reis, Daniel Macêdo Batista, Gustavo Bittencourt Figueiredo, Massimo Tornatore, and Biswanath Mukherjee, 2017.

Software Platforms for Smart Cities: Concepts, Requirements, Challenges, and a Unified Reference Architecture.

ACM Computing Surveys, 50 (6), January. Eduardo Felipe Zambom Santana, Ana Paula Chaves, Marco Aurelio Gerosa, Fabio Kon and Dejan Milojicic, 2017.

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HackMobilidade 2018 propõe soluções para melhorar a mobilidade urbana em São Paulo com olhar feminino

No último domingo (02/09) aconteceu o HackMobilidade 2018. O HackDay reuniu 21 participantes, todas mulheres, e teve como objetivo analisar dados relacionados à mobilidade urbana em São Paulo para propor soluções que contribuam para uma cidade mais acessível para pedestres e ciclistas. Para isso, as participantes tiveram acesso a diversas bases de dados de órgãos públicos da cidade, como Secretaria de Saúde, Companhia de Engenharia de Tráfego, SPTrans, entre outros. Essas bases de dados incluem informações como acidentes de trânsito,

Seminar in partnership with INES 2.0: Changing the world with Accessibility Technologies

When: Friday, August 3rd, 2018 3:00-4:30PM
Speaker: João Marcos Barguil (IME-USP)

Abstract: In Brazil and around the world, there are millions of people with various deficiencies. Besides, an aging population is a worldwide tendency, which implies a growing number of seniors in society, with diverse kinds of functional and cognitive limitations. Finally, women in the final stages of pregnancy, small children, or people without deficiencies but with temporary limitations, all benefit from Accessibility.

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InterSCity Platform.

A microservice-based, open-source smart city platform that aims at supporting collaborative, novel smart city research, development, and deployment initiatives.

InterSCSimulator – A Smart City Simulator.

An open-source, extensible, large-scale Traffic Simulator for Smart Cities, extensible to other Smart City domains.


A middleware for large-scale, low-latency processing of mobile data streams with support for mobile-mobile cooperation, context awareness, connection balancing, and cloud integration.

Network Infrastructure and Security.

An interconnected network based on NFV to research aspects of network security in order to address the challenges posed by IoT technologies.

Internet of Trees.

This project aims at developing sensor prototypes for monitoring the environment using free-design hardware and open source software. The project includes a base station and a sensor station including these sensors: LDR, DHT22, Soil Moisture, sap-flow, and leaf temperature.

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