Enabling the Future Internet for Smart Cities

Enabling the Future Internet for Smart Cities

The Future Internet will integrate large-scale systems constructed from the composition of thousands of distributed services, while interacting directly with the physical world via sensors and actuators, which compose the Internet of Things.

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Recent Publications

Proactive Virtual Machine Migration in Fog Environments.

IEEE Symposium on Computers and Communications (ISCC 2018). Diogo Gonçalves, Karima Velasquez, Marilia Curado, Luiz Bittencourt and Edmundo Madeira, 2018.

Past, Present and Future of the ContextNet IoMT Middleware.

International Workshop on Very Large Internet of Things - VLIoT. Markus Endler and Francisco Silva e Silva, 2018.

Using Supervised learning to analyze reliability of crowdsourced bus location data (in Portuguese).

WBCI 2018: Primeiro Workshop Brasileiro de Cidades Inteligentes. Diego Vieira Neves, Felipe Cordeiro Alves Dias and Daniel Cordeiro, 2018.

Proactive migration of virtual machines for mobile applications in fog computing (in Portuguese).

XXXVI Simpósio Brasileiro de Redes de Computadores (SBRC). Diogo M. Gonçalves, Luiz F. Bittencourt and Edmundo M. R. Madeira, 2018.

A network slicing component for multi-tenant support in LTE RANs (in Portuguese).

XXXVI Simpósio Brasileiro de Redes de Computadores (SBRC). Pedro H. A. Rezende and Edmundo R. M. Madeira, 2018.

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SINFONIA wins best paper award

The paper “SINFONIA: Gerenciamento Seguro de Funções Virtualizadas de Rede através de Corrente de Blocos” co-authored by f Gabriel A. F. Rebello, Igor Drummond Alvarenga, Igor Jochem Sanz, and Otto Carlos M. B. Duarte has won the best paper award in I Workshop em Blockchain: Teoria, Tecnologias e Aplicações (WBlockchain’2018) of the XXXVI Simpósio Brasileiro de Redes de Computadores e Sistemas Distribuídos (SBRC’2018).  The GTA/UFRJ team, headed by Prof. Otto Carlos Duarte, developed SINFONIA (Secure vIrtual Network Function Orchestrator for Non-repudiation,

HardwareLivreUSP will perform on Arduino Day

The members of the group Hardware Livre USP, after the successful participation in the Campus Party Brasil 2018, were invited to perform at Arduino Day with the EscovandoBits workshop.

The workshop will take place at Praça das Artes at 10am on 12/05/2018.

For more information: https://arduinodaysp.splashthat.com/

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Recent press

Software INaCity allows the collection and analysis of urban images

The idea of INaCity is to be an image processing tool that allows the user to gather information and report them to the geographic coordinates.

Software possibilita coleta e análise de imagens urbanas

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InterSCity Platform.

A microservice-based, open-source smart city platform that aims at supporting collaborative, novel smart city research, development, and deployment initiatives.

InterSCSimulator – A Smart City Simulator.

An open-source, extensible, large-scale Traffic Simulator for Smart Cities, extensible to other Smart City domains.


A middleware for large-scale, low-latency processing of mobile data streams with support for mobile-mobile cooperation, context awareness, connection balancing, and cloud integration.

Network Infrastructure and Security.

An interconnected network based on NFV to research aspects of network security in order to address the challenges posed by IoT technologies.

Internet of Trees.

This project aims sensor prototypes attached to trees for monitoring the environment using free-design hardware and open source software.

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