Enabling the Future Internet for Smart Cities

Enabling the Future Internet for Smart Cities

The Future Internet will integrate large-scale systems constructed from the composition of thousands of distributed services, while interacting directly with the physical world via sensors and actuators, which compose the Internet of Things.

Recent Publications

Software Platforms for Smart Cities: Concepts, Requirements, Challenges, and a Unified Reference Architecture.
Accepted for publication in ACM Computing Surveys. Eduardo Felipe Zambom Santana, Ana Paula Chaves, Marco Aurelio Gerosa, Fabio Kon and Dejan Milojicic, 2017.
Smart Services: A Case Study on Smarter Public Safety by a Mobile App for University of São Paulo.
The 2017 IEEE Conference on Smart City Innovations (IEEE SCI). João Eduardo Ferreira, José Antônio Visintin, Jun Okamoto Jr. and Calton Pu, 2017.
InterSCity: A Scalable Microservice-based Open Source Platform for Smart Cities.
6th International Conference on Smart Cities and Green ICT Systems. Arthur de M. Del Esposte, Fabio Kon, Fabio M. Costa and Nelson Lago, 2017.
InterSCSimulator: Large-Scale Traffic Simulation in Smart Cities using Erlang.
18th Workshop on Multi-agent-based Simulation. Eduardo F. Z. Santana, Nelson Lago, Fabio Kon and Dejan S. Milojicic, 2017.
InterSCity: Addressing Future Internet Research Challenges for Smart Cities.
7th International Conference on Network of the Future. Daniel Macêdo Batista, Alfredo Goldman, Roberto Hirata Jr., Fabio Kon, Fabio M. Costa and Markus Endler, 2016.
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Network Infrastructure and Security.

An interconnected network based on NFV to research aspects of network security in order to address the challenges posed by IoT technologies.

InterSCSimulator – A Smart City Simulator.

An open-source, extensible, large-scale Traffic Simulator for Smart Cities, extensible to other Smart City domains.


A middleware for large-scale, low-latency processing of mobile data streams with support for mobile-mobile cooperation, context awareness, connection balancing, and cloud integration.

InterSCity Platform.

A microservice-based, open-source smart city platform that aims at supporting collaborative, novel smart city research, development, and deployment initiatives.

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Next Events


Seminar in partnership with INES 2.0: O ecossistema da plataforma InterSCity.

On June 26th, 2017, InterSCity and INES 2.0 had another issue of their periodic joint seminar when Arthur Del Esposte discussed the InterSCity platform. The seminar was transmitted in realtime and may be watched on YouTube.

Resumo: Apesar dos vários avanços nas tecnologias de middleware para suporte às Cidades Inteligentes do futuro, ainda não existem plataformas amplamente aceitas. A maioria das soluções existentes não oferece a flexibilidade necessária para serem compartilhadas entre as cidades.

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