July 24th to August 4th, 2017

Extended deadline! — applications are open until April, 28th!

Important Dates:

  • Application: March 13th to April 28th — Extended Deadline!
  • Notification of the results: May 15th
  • School: July 24th to August 4th

We intend to select excellent students from all over the world for the event. The school will pay for transportation, food, and accommodation during the period of the event for some of the students not from the city of São Paulo.

The needed documentation is:

  • Motivation letter, explaining the importance of the school for the student's education, his/her current research project, advisor, affiliation, and estimated conclusion date;
  • A short bio / curriculum, including publications, if any;
  • Recommendation letter from the advisor and/or other researchers (if you are a professor/researcher and would like to attend, supply some form of document confirming your institutional affiliation instead);
  • Up to date transcript.

If you have any questions on how to apply or some other aspect of the School, you may contact us at "applications AT interscity DOT org".

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