Enabling the Future Internet for Smart Cities

Enabling the Future Internet for Smart Cities

Combining Data for Better Health Care

This project focuses on improving health care in São Paulo through the use of distributed data, available either publicly or from our partners, such as the City Health Secretariat. Integrating this data smartly will allow us to have a general overview of patient care pathways and of the use of public resources, which will in turn allow for better planning at the city level. While the focus is on health, the methods and frameworks will be developed having in mind their future adaptation to other important domains, such as public transport.


Prof. Renata Wassermann (renata@ime.usp.br)
Arlindo Flavio da Conceição
Kelly Rosa Braghetto

Débora Lina Nascimento Ciriaco Pereira
Evelin Angélica de Farias

External collaborators:
– Diogo F. C. Patrao – A.C. Camargo
– Fernanda Almeida – UFABC
– Lais Salvador – DCC/UFBA