Enabling the Future Internet for Smart Cities

Enabling the Future Internet for Smart Cities

Sensing urban areas for monitoring and warning of natural disasters

The focus of this project is to take advantage of the Internet of Things solutions in order to design solutions that obtain data from sensors distributed over Smart Cities. Free hardware and Internet of Things technologies will be used to build sustainable sensing stations that will be interconnected in urban areas considering the risk of climate changes, possible damage, and minor environment impact. The research results will be distributed with open source and hardware in order to allow other cities to benefit from the solutions created. The gathered data will be sent to InterSCity platform so other researchers can retrieve and analyze following physiological aspects related to tree evapotranspiration in the city, for instance.


Prof. Arlindo da Conceição (arlindo.conceicao@unifesp.br)
Prof. Álvaro Luiz Fazenda
Prof. Denise Stringhin

Prof. Alfredo Goldman
Dr. Antonio D. de Carvalho J.