Enabling the Future Internet for Smart Cities

Enabling the Future Internet for Smart Cities


InterSCity Platform

A microservice-based, open-source smart city platform that aims at supporting collaborative, novel smart city research, development, and deployment initiatives.

InterSCSimulator – A Smart City Simulator

An open-source, extensible, large-scale Traffic Simulator for Smart Cities, extensible to other Smart City domains.


A middleware for large-scale, low-latency processing of mobile data streams with support for mobile-mobile cooperation, context awareness, connection balancing, and cloud integration.

Network Infrastructure and Security

An interconnected network based on NFV to research aspects of network security in order to address the challenges posed by IoT technologies.

Internet of Trees

This project aims at developing sensor prototypes for monitoring the environment using free-design hardware and open source software. The project includes a base station and a sensor station including these sensors: LDR, DHT22, Soil Moisture, sap-flow, and leaf temperature.


The INACITY platform (an acronym for INvestigate and Analyse a City) empowers users allowing them to select a region over a map and see urban features inside that region that have relevance to the urban architecture context, for instance trees. The implementation is extensible and is designed to make it easy to add or replace new modules, such as new maps, different GISes, and Computer Vision filters.

Health Dashboard

The HealthDashboard project, based on advanced Computer Science technologies (Big Data, Data Visualization, and Data Science), is an innovative visualization and decision-making support tool for health professionals and public managers. It is an interactive visual dashboard for large-scale data analysis based on the Brazilian National Health System (SUS) hospitalization data. Its software architecture enables integration with the Hospital Information System (SIH-SUS) datasets from any region of Brazil so that health professionals can use it in hundreds of different cities.

DataProcessor – Big Data Processing at InterSCity

Urban data auralization

Buzu (2019) at first edition of “Sons de Silício” (photo by Subtil Jéssica)

This project, a partnership of the InterSCity project and the NuSom GPI (Interactive Practices Group of NuSom), aims at providing aesthetic auralizations of urban-related data. It was featured in the Buzu sound installation during the first edition of the sound art occupation and experimental lutherie “Sons de Silício” (Silicon Sounds) realized at EdA (Space of Arts) at Usp (University of Sao Paulo) in April,


CulturaEduca is a social network that aggregates both official and user-supplied geolocated data on educational infrastructure and related resources, such as theatres, libraries, cultural initiatives etc.