Enabling the Future Internet for Smart Cities

Enabling the Future Internet for Smart Cities

About Us

InterSCity is a collaborative research project  hosted by the National Science and Technology Institute (INCT) of the Future Internet for Smart Cities. The project encompasses 9 Brazilian institutions, as well as international partners and addresses, research challenges and initiatives in three fronts:

(1) Networking and High-Performance Distributed Computing, which focuses on the challenges brought by IoT, such as machine-to-machine communication and energy constraints, as well as on integration of mobile data with cloud and HPC infrastructures for big data processing;

(2) Software Engineering for the Future Internet, dealing with the challenges for the development of stable, scalable systems comprised of multiple highly interactive complex subsystems developed by independent parties;

(3) Analysis and Mathematical Modeling for the Future Internet and Smart Cities,  dedicated to the exploration of novel mechanisms to obtain the greatest benefit from the ever-growing amount of data generated in cities while dealing with signific and noise and missing data.

InterSCity aims at developing an integrated open-source platform containing all the major building blocks for the development of robust, integrated, sophisticated applications for the smart cities of the future.

Check out a more detailed overall description of the InterSCity project  (published in IEEE NoF’16).

The InterSCity project is sponsored by the INCT of the Future Internet for Smart Cities funded by CNPq, proc. 465446/2014-0, CAPES proc. 88887.136422/2017-00, and FAPESP, proc. 2014/50937-1.
The project is coordinated by Prof. Fabio Kon, from IME-USP.